Why niche backlinks are important?

Backlink is the most commonly used word in the world of search engine optimization. As confusing as it might sound, a backlink is a very simple thing to understand. It refers to a link on a particular website that takes you to the linked page. Suppose A and B are two websites. If a link is posted on A that takes the audience to B, that link is called a backlink.

Nowadays, majority of the search engines work on the basis of backlinks. The more and better quality backlinks a site has, it gets more chances of appearing in the list of top ten searches. Good quality backlinks should have particular qualities. If you have irrelevant or poor quality backlinks, it lowers your chances of appearing in searches and you can even be penalized for it. The basic point a search engine works on is the relevance. The relevance can be evaluated with quite a few factors. The search engine sees the relevancy of the linked site on the site it is listed to the content that the linked site contains. If a page has a number of linked sites but they are not relevant to each other or they don’t contain relevant content, it will not show up the page in searches. This will be considered as poor backlinking.

It is extremely important to have niche relevant backlinks. Imagine you are doing a business of homemade foods and your backlink is on a page that sells medicines. Everything will be irrelevant and will not bring in any targeted traffic. If your website is on a particular niche, you need to have backlinks from popular pages belonging to the same niche.

If you are a newbie and want your website to gain popularity and want lots of people to visit your page regularly, you will have to have backlinks from some of the popular and trusted sites. Some very popular sites don’t entertain requests from a newbie. It is advisable to target sites whic are popular but work on a comparatively smaller scale. They might want to setup a backlink for you. This will help them as well as you.

Another factor that makes a good quality backlink is the anchor link text that is used. The text should be relevant and innovative. Reciprocated backlinks are not appreciated. If your web page has a back link make sure it is not reciprocated.

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