Why Blog commenting is essential?

Every blog has a comments section at the end of the blog post. This is for the readers to voice their opinions and ideas. A reader is free to comment whatever it feels after reading the blog.  When you write a blog, you want more people to visit the site and read it. You want your content to be popular among masses. If the content is good and interesting, people will keep coming back to read the latest stuff posted.

Imagine yourself addressing to a room full of people. You are speaking about your thoughts and ideas and in return no one speaks up. How would you feel? In the same way, comments on a blog post make it interactive and interesting. When people from all walks of life comment and voice out their thoughts on your ideas, you get more ideas to write on newer topics. The key to making your blog post a hit is to remain interactive with the people who are pos. ting their comments. Reply promptly and appreciate their efforts of reading and posting comments. If someone posts a negative comment, take it positively and deal with it in the most polite way. A healthy discussion or argument is always beneficial .A single comment easily tells how much knowledgeable a person is. You can visit that person’s blog site and comment on the blogs posted there too.

The way getting comments on your blog post is important, posting comments on other’s blogs is very important too. It is advisable for a blogger to keep a track of interesting and popular blog sites and read freshly posted content there and try to comment first. This helps in directing the flow of network traffic towards your own blog site. If your comments are interesting and show how much knowledge you have on a particular topic, other readers and people posting comments will notice you and will visit your blog site to know more about you and read more content posted by you.

When you comment on a blog post, you leave behind a backlink. This helps your page in gaining popularity with the search engines.

Commenting on blog posts also helps a great deal in making relationships. If you post sensible and interesting comments on blog posts, you will eventually end up making good relationships with people. It will help you in finding like-minded people and this may open new ventures for a new business or an invitation as a guest blogger.


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